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Darkrai 101

NAME: Darkrai (ダークライ)
TYPE: Dark
SPECIES: Pitch-Black Pokémon
HEIGHT: 4'11.1"
WEIGHT: 111.3 lbs
EFFORT VALUES: 1 Speed, 2 Sp.Atk

BEHAVIOR: Darkrai cause people and Pokémon who fall asleep near them to have unending, terrible nightmares. A person or Pokémon will only be able to wake up when exposed to a lunar wing from Cresselia. It is implied that Darkrai do not purposely make people and Pokémon have nightmares. If they do use their unique Dark Void attack, it is usually out of self-defense. Because Darkrai cannot control their natural nightmare ability, they choose to reside alone in order to prevent harming others. In the games and anime series, Darkrai lives by itself on New Moon Island. If someone were to pass by and be inflicted by nightmares, Full Moon Island (home of Cresselia) would be nearby.

HABITAT: New Moon Island (games/anime); Alamos Town (movie 10)

ABILITY: Bad Dreams (damages sleeping opponents for 1/8 their max HP after each turn)

GENDER DIFFERENCES: Darkrai has no gender

EVOLUTION: Darkrai does not evolve

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