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The following are all wonderful fansites for Pokémon-related characters. Have a Pokémon fansite not listed here? Feel free to shoot me an e-mail and I will add your site as soon as I can. Happy browsing!

Ablaze (Ash's Charizard) Aqua (Vaporeon) Cerulean (Misty) Copy Cat (Mew & Mewtwo) Cute Charm (Sylveon) Dancing With Devils (Houndoom) Dark Claws (Sneasel) Dragonheart (Lance) Ember (Flareon) Featherdance (Falkner) Fennekin.net (Fennekin) Firefox (Vulpix) Flame Spirit (Charizard) Furry Cutter (Scyther) Future Sight (Gardevoir) Grace Like Ice (Glaceon) I AM² (Ai) Illumination (Starmie) Illusionist (Zoroark) Imprison (Ninetales) Lithovore (Sableye) Lucky Cat (Meowth) Magnolia (Erika) Prism (Milotic) Righteous Heart (Absol) Sea Song (Lugia) Seasons Change (Sawsbuck) Shine (Ampharos) Shuriken (Greninja) The Godfather (Giovanni) Thunderstorm (Luxio) Turbulence (Noivern) Venoshock (Roxie) Voltage (Raichu)


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