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Anime Appearances

EP572 - Sleepless in Pre-Battle: Ash, Dawn and Brock arrive in Canalave City and find everyone with dark circles under their eyes. They are all exhausted and report suffering from terrible nightmares over the past few days. Officer Jenny informs the group that every year, Darkrai visits their island. However, Cresselia comes at the same time in order to negate Darkrai's nightmare ability. For some reason, Darkrai came early this year and Cresselia is nowhere to be seen. The group later finds out that Team Rocket created a machine that gives people nightmares in order to sell fake lunar wings for a large sum of money. Thinking their troubles are over after destroying the machine, everyone goes to sleep. Unfortunately they are all woken by terrible nightmares and thus set off to Full Moon Island in order to find Cresselia.

After rescuing Cresselia from Team Rocket, Ash and company return to Canalave City to find Cresselia forcing Darkrai out of hiding. The group notices that Darkrai is circling around Team Rocket's broken nightmare machine and Brock deduces that Darkrai probably came early this year because it was attracted by the electromagnetic waves. Cresselia and Darkrai battle and Cresselia ultimately claims victory because Darkrai retreats into the shadows.

EP657 - The Semi-Final Frontier: A Darkrai under the ownership of Tobias makes a few appearances in the Sinnoh League previous to this episode. Tobias easily breezes through all of his matches using only Darkrai; he has not lost one match. Rumor has it that Tobias also painlessly won all eight badges using only Darkrai as well. In this episode, Ash faces off against Tobias in the semi finals. Darkrai swiftly defeats Ash's Heracross, Torkoal and Gible using Ice Beam, Dark Pulse, Dark Void and Dream Eater. Ash's Sceptile is able to overcome Dark Void by hearing Ash's voice and ultimately defeats Darkrai by using Leaf Blade.

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