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The Rise of Darkrai

The Rise of Darkrai (known as Dialga VS Palkia VS Darkrai in Japanese) is the tenth Pokémon movie. Rather than summarizing the entire movie in detail, I want the focus of this page to be on Darkrai's role and story. The first thing you will notice as you when watching is a common theme discussed on this site: Darkrai being hated and feared. Simply being in the town makes many trainers assume it is responsible for weird things. The trainers and their Pokémon attack it and the justify their accusations of it being a bad Pokémon because it attacked them. Well, they attacked first, didn't they? Much like Darkrai's Pokédex entries, it is simply trying to defend itself. It doesn't attack anyone unless the first shot is fired by someone. Further, Darkrai typically tries to fade away or escape shortly after any battles with trainers begin and they don't let it. Darkrai becomes a scapegoat and is persecuted for it until the truth behind the strange occurrences comes out.

Despite persecution, Darkrai still fights its hardest in order to protect Alamos Town and the nearby garden. When Palkia and Dialga finally appear, Darkrai chooses to intervene in their fighting. It is clearly not on the same tier as the deity Pokémon. Even so, Darkrai doesn't give up. Darkrai is determined to make both Dialga and Palkia leave. It takes multiple blows from both Pokémon to protect Alice and Tonio from being hurt as well. At this point in the movie the characters realize their mistakes and try to persuade Darkrai from going back into battle once it is badly injured. Darkrai won't have any of it though and fades through the ground in order to go back. Darkrai ultimately sacrifices itself in order to delay the final impact between Dialga and Palkia long enough for Ash and Dawn to save the day! So much for being a bad Pokémon, huh?

Why does Darkrai fight so hard to defend Alamos Town? Through flashbacks the viewer finds out Darkrai came to the Alamos Town garden many, many years ago. Other Pokémon attacked it, so it put them all to sleep. Darkrai was badly injured, though. Alicia, Alice's grandmother, noticed the injured Pokémon and went over to Darkrai. It braces itself for another attack but Alicia simply asks it if it is hurt and informs it she will take care of it. Darkrai is incredulous that it would be allowed to stay in the garden. Alicia smiles and tells it the garden belongs to everyone. Later on Alicia plays a soothing melody on her grass flute and all the Pokémon that were having nightmares from Darkrai's Dark Void were sleeping peacefully around her. Darkrai's shadow can also be seen a short distance away.

It is because of Alicia that Darkrai treasures the garden so much. She was the first person to not run away or attack out of fear of seeing it. She treated Darkrai's wounds and allowed it to have a place to reside. Saying they were friends might be exaggerating a bit too much, but I'm sure it's the closest Darkrai ever got to having a friend. Darkrai repeatedly says "go away" throughout the movie to both Dialga and Palkia because they are threatening the peace of the garden. The garden is for everyone and thus anyone who tries to take that away will have to answer to Darkrai. I think Darkrai is respecting her wishes while fighting the two deities off. Clearly she is very important to it because it is willing to sacrifice itself in order to protect the garden. I guarantee Darkrai knew very quickly it was outmatched by both Dialga and Palkia but refused to give up anyway. Alicia opened the lonely Darkrai's heart and it treasured those memories.

Don't worry, though. After Ash and Dawn save the day, Palkia returns the town back to normal like nothing ever happened. The characters lament over Darkrai's death and begin to leave. Suddenly, Ash notices a shadow shaped like Darkrai in the distance. Turning, the characters are relieved to see Darkrai standing up above them!

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